James Block

James Block

James Block as Alabaster

Alias Alabaster
Family Ami Ozawa (Ward)
Occupation Sports Star (former)
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A country boy from Wisconsin, James Block won 6 gold metals in the '72 Olympics at Munich. Even as a college student, he gained many national championship titles.

After his winnings in the Olympics, he meets Susan Ross and became deeply smitten with her. The two dated for a year and James asked her to marry him. Susan laughed, telling him to look at himself (referring to James's ethnicity as well as Susan's vanity of her own beauty) and continues to explain that she only dated him due to his popularity as an Olympic star. James goes into a fit of rage and attacks her. Though while perusing her, he steals a car and continues chasing her in a blind rage. He soon realizes he ran over a pedestrian in his pursuit.

He is arrested and sentenced to jail for five years, during which his hatred towards Susan grows and people like her.