Manga College
Manga College
Date June 20, 1950
Volumes 1
Chapters 1
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This work provides information on how to enjoy drawing Manga, while introducing three middle-length Manga stories and 23 four-strip Manga as examples. The very first scene of this Manga is the entrance examination of the Manga College, which is followed by descriptions of tools given by the Principal. The explanation of how to use these tools leads to the first illustrative story. The first story is a story staged in the Civil War period of American history, in which Monster, who appeared in "Angel Gunfighter," plays a villain. The second story is anecdotal: it is about a purse that can fulfill three wishes. The purse was given to Chieko, a poor farmer, by the deity of poverty. Next, examples of 4-strip Manga follow, including the "Diary of Ma-chan." The last story is an all-star-cast thriller Manga, featuring Kenichi, Higeoyaji, Rock and others.


Volume One

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  • Dr. Nandemo-kandemo